Mule Motorcycles XR1660 Street Tracker

Associate Editor Mark Cernicky rides Mule Motorcycles XR1660 Street Tracker… a Harley-Davidson street-tracker on steroids.
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  • pencon61 говорит:

    Actually I have seen some riders in moto gp put their foot out in a corner
    now and then . It isn’t because they think the tires are going to lose
    traction , it’s to get their center of gravity over in the corner ..

  • Zone Television говорит:

    Oh hell yes.

  • David fulanito говорит:

    Brrrroooooooomm….. bbrrrrooo…

  • hondasaki900 говорит:

    Pro Stock “harleys” are not harleys.

  • David fulanito говорит:


  • eracermx говорит:

    WHY is the guy putting his foot down going through the turn?!. Is he really
    THAT worried the bike is going to start if putting his foot
    down on pavement is going to support it!! Cool bike though. :)

  • MadIgor1 говорит:

    you are wrong here, the OHV and OHC technology is about same old, they are
    parallel techs. Even the DOHC is just few years younger then OHV. Still the
    OHV is the more efficient of both. There is nothing that is not ancient on
    OHC or DOHC. There are high tech materials now days used on DOHC due to
    high revs needed to reach same level of torque as OHV does, so OHV simply
    dont need this, period. What else?

  • MikeW259 говорит:

    I am fully aware of Eric’s work with Harley. Since last year, I’ve
    considered buying a V-rod…mainly because I DO like “muscle cruisers”.
    Still…Harley sleighted and DOOMED Buell from the start. If Buell would
    have had Rotax powerplants from the start…..

  • dsjkak1 говорит:

    It’s like ducati and harley put there heads together. Such a good looking
    bike. And that engine sounds like angry hod

  • MadIgor1 говорит:

    what exactly is so low-tech on nowdays harley?

  • treebush говорит:

    anyone know what bikes like theses are called sorry newbie in motorcycles
    espically harleys, street fighters and street tracker

  • jorgetheannihilator говорит:

    Hey Harley-Davidson…this is the bike that you should be building.

  • ylism говорит:

    See how close the air filter is at 0:17, Wont last to long, without a
    fender to protect it. I think they need some revising of a few things. Not
    the best canyon carver. Maybe it should have training wheels, In stead of
    the guys leg & shoe. lol

  • whiteboyfunk1 говорит:

    I have to ask about the music, any help….? AND YES bike aesthetics are
    awesome, I’ve always been a street-track lover.

  • D4rkst5r говорит:


  • quantip говорит:

    now thats an interesting bike!

  • WalesEddie говорит:

    SO EIN QUATSCH. aber du liebst das teil

  • Naruhide Yoshida говорит:


  • mystic1754 говорит:

    people , cycle world has not always been friendly towards Harley-Davidsons
    ! if they say this one is good, they where impressed and , it probably is !

  • RosieKR говорит:

    You probably wouldn’t if you knew the role Eric played in the life of the
    VRod’s engine.

  • mcernicky1 говорит:

    Sorry about Buell but he isn’t dead; he’ll come fight back to take some
    ground. This Mule motorbike was fine piece if craftsmanship, that wheelie
    was without the help of the clutch…nice ride, even nice to look at.

  • pencon61 говорит:

    Real Noice . I like that the guy has real XR heads happening ..THIS is what
    harley should be selling .THEN I’d buy a harley .

  • o1oo говорит:

    Look at the frame wobble in one of the first corners where he is going up
    and away from the camera. Frame needs some serious reconsideration in it’s
    design. Bike looks cool, but looks unsafe, which is further evident by the
    rider feeling like he needs to put a foot down.

  • Bad Bob говорит:

    Yeah, yeah, typical Harley-Bashers. Dude, they’ve been around for 110
    years, do you REALLY think they are going anywhere??? I suppose you also
    believe that Victory will one day out-sell them? Until you own, or really
    even ride one, you shouldn’t talk shit